Mark Gruenewald

Key Issues

Say “No” to Bonds, Taxes, and Fees

Zero-based budgeting dictates the state should determine a need and then find the funds to remedy. Bonds longer than 3 to 5 years are to be avoided.

Prioritize Educational Dollars

We need more quality teachers and fewer administrators. Online teaching is inferior. Teacher/student/parent interaction is needed.

Prison and Mental Health Reform

I have first-hand experience with a runaway public board that fails to operate within their own policies and constantly violates state/federal statues and codes.

Stem the Loss of Financial Capital

People go where they and their money are treated better. Omaha is a sanctuary city. Inviting low-skilled, uneducated, cheap labor increases crime and diminishes local wages.


Fiscally Responsible Leadership For District 31
If you prefer, you can mail your check to: Gruenewald for Legislature, 17330 West Center Rd Ste 110-260, Omaha, NE 68130

Meet Mark

Mark Gruenewald

Mark Gruenewald

Fiscally Responsible Leadership for District 31


We need to stop spending what we do not have. The current system is destroying Nebraska. We need to start protecting taxpayers and eliminate sanctuary cities. They are an anathema to wealth creation. High social costs and cheap labor keeps businesses away. Nebraska has modern technology and, yet, three times the government staff as our neighboring state, Iowa. I will introduce legislation to streamline government, demand educators provide a quality education, eliminate sanctuary cities, and protect everyone. Once our knowledge and financial resources leave, these irreplaceable resources rarely return.


I am asking for your vote to start the change. A change to bring fiscal responsibility back to government. A change that brings lasting upgrades to education. A change to make Millard a safe place for everyone, especially children and the elderly. A change that brings good businesses and competition. A change for the better. If you agree, please vote, so that I can be your representative for Legislative District 31.